Hoanbu Nubian Herd Sires
2006 shown 4x:
4x 1st place,
4x GCH, 4x BOB,
2x Best Buck in Show
2007 shown 6x:
6x BOB
2008 shown 3x
2x BOB
2009 shown 2x
2x BOB

limited quantities
of semen

*DNA Typed**



DOB: March 2003

2-02 EX90 E+E
3-02 EX90 VEE
4-04 EX91 EEE
6-04 EX91 EEE
Status is a buck who is compiling a resume to rival the most proponent in the Nubian breed.  He excelled in everything that
was asked of him.  Status earned his permanent championship, appraised Excellent 4 years straight, earned his + for
daughters' production (the oldest daughter being just 2 years old at the time), and has had several daughters place in the
top 5 at ADGA National Shows.

Status' progeny have been so consistent, being extremely tall, deep and wide throughout, possessing strong and correct
feet, and legs with width in the rear.  Status mammaries show improvement in globular shape, security in attachments,
height and width to rear and teat size and shape.  Status had the 3rd pl Sr Get of Sire at the 2008 ADGA National Show, 1st pl
Sr Get in 2010, and 2nd pl Sr Get in 2011.

Status' biggest show wins came posthumously at the 2010 and 2011 ADGA National Shows.  In 2010, Status was named
ADGA National Show Nubian Premier Sire and sired the 1st place Senior Get of Sire with daughters GCH Atiana (2nd/2nd
udder pl 4 Yr Old), SGCH Moonlight (1st pl/2nd udder 3 Yr Old), and SGCH Gahanna (2nd pl/3rd udder Yearling Milker).  
Daughters representing Status at 2010 Nationals were SG Trinket (5th pl 4 Yr Old), GCH Vegas (14th pl 3 Yr Old), and
Meadow (7th Place 2 Yr Old).  Again in 2011, Status was again named ADGA National Show Nubian Premier Sire.  Although
his Senior Get was 2nd Place, the same three does were 1st Place Best 3 Sr Does and with another Status daughter added
were 1st Place Dairy Herd.  Daughters representing Status at 2011 Nationals were SGCH Atiana (1st pl/2nd Udder 5-6 Yr
Old), GCH Vegas (3rd pl 4 Yr Old), SGCH Moonlight (4th pl 4 Yr Old), SGCH Gahanna (2nd pl/1st udder 2 Yr Old), and
Starlight (3rd pl Int Kid),

Status has sired 7 permanent champion daughters, and many appraised Excellent and Superior Genetics progeny to date:  
SG Gretchen VG88, SGCH Bella EX90, GCH Pearl EX90, SGCH Atiana EX92, GCH Joy EX90, Sicily VG89, SG Trinket VG89,
SGCH Moonlight EX92, GCH Vegas EX92, Meadow EX90, SGCH Gahanna EX90, SG Grace, SG Avril.

Status' sire is SG++*B Kastdemur's At Your Service 6-0 EX90 who sired multiple champion offspring.  Most notable was
2003 ADGA National Show Best Udder Nubian
GCH Lakeshore-Farms Ace of Hearts 2-04 EX91. Ace also sired the 2nd
place Junior Get of Sire and 2nd place Senior Get of Sire at the 2005 Nationals.  Ace is the son of ++*B Kastdemur's Full
Service, a 3x National Premier Sire.

Status' dam was
GCH Lakeshore-Farms Skipa Star 3*M 4-01 VG89, a third generation GCH and part of the 2003 and 2004
ADGA Nationals 1st place Dam and Daughter.  Status's full sister was
GCH Lakeshore-Farms Starburst 4*M, the 11th place
Milking Yearling in 2005.
 Photos of Skipa Star, Starburst and Ace courtesy of Megan Tredway-Carter of Lakeshore Farms.

I have VERY LIMITED Status semen at this time, for sale at private treaty only.

  GCH  ++*B Kastdemur's MPR Liaison 6-03 EX91 EEE
SG ++*B Kastdemur's LH Full Service 2-05 EX91 EEE
  GCH Kastdemur's HCK Hailey 3*M       
SG ++*B Kastdemur's At Your Service 6-05 EX91 EEE
  ++*B Kastdemur's Crown Prince        
Kastdemur's CPE No Explanation 4*M        
  Kastdemur's Crown Extatic 3*M 5-05 EX92 EEEE (NGCH 97)

SGCH +*B Lakeshore-Farms Star Status EX91 EEE
2x ADGA National Show Nubian Premier Sire

  ++*B Kastdemur's Crown Excess
*B Lakeshore-Farms EX Turbocharge
  SGCH Wingwood-Farm ESC Tamina 3*M
GCH Lakeshore-Farms Skipa Star 3*M 4-01 VG89 VVEE
  ++*B Kastdemur's Crown Excess EX90 EVE
GCH Lakeshore-Farms EXAntique Lace 2*M 5-01 EX90 VEEE
  SGCH Lakeshore-Farms T.P. Lacey 1*M
full sister
Status' Sire
SG Ace
Status Daughters currently in the herd
SGCH Hoanbu Stat Anhelena Atiana 5*M EX92
GCH Hoanbu Status Gypsy Vegas 2*M EX92
SGCH Hoanbu Status Misty Moonlight 2*M EX92
Hoanbu Status Misty Meadow 2*M EX90
SGCH Hoanbu Status Gillette Gahanna 6*M EX90
Hoanbu Status Misty Starlight
Hoanbu Stat Let There Be Light
Hoanbu Status Sienna Zuri
Hoanbu Status Sienna Zenyatta
Hoanbu Status Sienna Zakara
Hoanbu Stat Icing on the Cake
Photos of Skipa Star, courtesy
of Megan Tredway-Carter
of Lakeshore Farms
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SGCH +*B Lakeshore-Farms Star Status
6-03 EX91 EEE