pronounced "HOE-ann-boo",
derived from the first 2 letters of each of my names:
HOlly ANn BUroker


HOANBU Dairy Goats was established by Holly Buroker and family in
1986 in rural Logan County in West Central Ohio.  This small 3-breed
herd (Nubians, Alpines, & Saanens) has come a long way from the
more-than-humble beginnings of 2 grade does to breeding approximately
43 homebred permanent champions... and counting!  Averaging just 15 to
20 milkers at any one time, the entire herd (except one doe!) is solely
comprised of homebred mature does, all of whom descend from those
first 2 unregistered grade does (the start to my American Alpine and
American Saanen herds), and a single purebred Nubian doe kid
purchased in 1990 (the start of my purebred Nubian herd).  We pride
ourselves in the fact that Hoanbu has long been a "breeder" of quality
dairy goats and not a "buyer".  We continue to breed beautiful, quality dairy
goats today.

Over these many years, Hoanbu Dairy Goats have been awarded
countless show wins and permanent champions along with numerous
stars and pluses for production, and have sold animals who have done
the same for their new owners. We attend as many shows as we can (11
show locations in each 2006 and 2007, and 13 show locations in 2008,  
12 in 2009, 11 in 2010, and 8 in 2011, 10 shows in 2012, and 5 shows in
2013, 8 shows in 2014, and 5 shows in 2015 which does not count for the
individual judges we saw at the double, triple, and quad-ring shows).  We
Linear Appraise annually as well as participate in one-day milk tests, and
standard DHI testing for proof of type and production.   We look forward to
going to more shows and receiving further production records to continue
to prove our animals.

We strive to produce highly productive, show quality animals in each of
the three breeds we keep.  Hoanbu Nubians are based on the genetics of
older Winterberry, Briarwood and Hallcienda lines combining with the
newer Wingwood Farm, Lakeshore Farms, Kastdemur and J&R Spirit's
lines.  Hoanbu Alpines are based on older Sodium Oaks, Nodaway and
Missdees lines with recent additions of Tempo, Olentangy and Redwood
Hills, while my Hoanbu Saanens have faithfully followed McQuitty Farm
and Windsor Manor lines and more recently, Loughlin's and des

For 11 straight years, Hoanbu kids were raised on a strict pasteurization
program to prevent the animals from getting the CAE virus (Caprine
Arthritis Encephalitis virus).  Although we have had years of consecutive
annual whole-herd negative CAE tests (last whole herd test done Nov
2015) we continue to pasteurize and heat treat.  We hand-raise kids on
pasteurized milk from our tested CAE-negative herd.   Additionally, the
Hoanbu herd is now and always has been abscess-free, including CL.  
Being from Ohio, a TB and Brucellosis-free state, we are free of those
diseases as well. In 2013, we completed testing the nubian herd for G6S
and can prove that the entire HOANBU herd is also G6S NORMAL.

Reserve your 2016 HOANBU kid now!  

Orders are currently filling....  You can still reserve your own HOANBU kid
contacting us at (937) 441-0607 or email at .  Be
sure to put "goat" or a breed or what you are looking for in the subject line
so I don't miss you.  In order to keep the small, select herd that we do, we
usually have some nice milkers for sale after kidding as we can't keep
near as many as we freshen.  

This website-building adventure is a learning experience in progress, so
be sure to check back soon for additions and updates. There's lots to look
at and read, so get comfortable and stay awhile!

Be the FIRST to get the latest and greatest about the Hoanbu herd when
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We wish you much success, health & happiness in the upcoming year!
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1605 Twp Road 216
Bellefontaine, OH  43311
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*Premier Nubian Breeder*
*1st place Nubian Best 3 Senior Does*
*1st place Nubian Best 3 Junior Does*
*1st pl Nubian Junior Get of Sire (Rush)*
*2nd pl Nubian Dairy Herd*
*1st pl Nubian Best 3 Senior Does*
*2nd pl Nubian Sr Get of Sire (Status)*
*1st pl Nubian Dam & Daughter (Vegas & Lady)*
*1st pl/1st Udder Nubian Aged Doe (Moonlight)*
*6h pl Nubian Aged Doe (Vegas)*
*1st pl/1st Udder Nubian 3 Yr Old (Kaisley)*
*1st pl Nubian Best 3 Junior Does*
*1st pl Nubian Jr Get of Sire (Rush)**
*2nd pl Nubian Sr Dry Yearling (Downtown)*
*Reserve Junior Champion Nubian with
Hoanbu LR Dancing Downtown*
*3rd pl Nubian Sr Dry Yearling (Almost)*
*4th pl Nubian Sr Dry Yearling (Juilliard)*
*2nd pl Nubian Jr Dry Yearling (Tomorrow)*
*3rd pl Nubian Sr Kid (Rosette)*
*6th pl Nubian Int Kid (Promise Me)*
*3rd pl Nubian Jr Kid (Reflection)*
*2nd pl/3rd Udder Alpine 2 Yr Old (Paprika)*
*2nd pl Alpine Sr Kid (Puzzle)*
*5th pl Alpine Sr Kid (Pina Colada)*
*5th pl Saanen Int Kid (Mon Bijou)*

ADGA 2013 National Show:
*Reserve National Champion Nubian with
SGCH Hoanbu Status Misty Moonlight 2*M EX92 EEEE*
*Reserve Premier Nubian Breeder*
*Owner of Nubian Premier Sire (Status)*
*Drew was 1st pl Int I Showmanship*
*2nd pl/3rd Udder Nubian 5-6 Yr Old (Moonlight)*
3rd pl/1st Udder Nubian 5-6 Yr Old (Always)*
*5th pl Nubian Yearling Milker (Light)*
*2nd pl/2nd Udder Nubian 2 Yr Old (Kaisley)*
*7th pl Nubian 2 Yr Old (Afar)*
*6th pl Nubian 4 Yr Old (Gahanna)*
*9th pl Nubian 4 Yr Old (Dance)*
*1st place Nubian Sr Dry Yearling (Breeze)*
*3rd pl Nubian Sr Dry Yearling (Zuri)*
*9th pl Nubian Sr Dry Yearling (Sky)*
*2nd place Alpine Sr Dry Yearling (Paprika)*
*Part of 1st pl Alpine Jr Get of Sire (Yukon Jack)*
*10th pl Alpine 5-6 Yr Old (Pinata)*
*5th pl Saanen Int Kid (Apple)*
*11th pl Saanen 4 Yr Old (Marie)*

(We did not attend the 2012 National Show bc I chose to spend my
time with my father who was sick with lung cancer that summer)

ADGA 2011 National Show:
* Premier Breeder of Show *
* Nubian Premier Breeder & Premier Exhibitor *
* Owner of Nubian Premier Sire *
* 1st place Nubian Dairy Herd *
*1st place Best 3 Senior Does*
* 2nd place Senior Get of Sire*
*1st place Dam & Daughter*
*2nd pl Best 3 Jr Does*
* Drew was 1st pl Int 1 Showmanship *
*1st place: Nubian 5-6 Year Old (Atiana)*
*3rd pl Nubian 4 Yr Old (Vegas)*
*4th pl Nubian 4 Yr Old (Moonlight)*
*2nd place Nubian 2 Year Old (Gahanna)*
*2nd place Nubian Sr Dry Yrg (Prize)*
*1st place: Saanen Jr Kid and Junior Champion,
Hoanbu CJJA Maraschino Cherry*
*1st pl Saanen 2 yr old (Marie)*
* 2nd pl Saanen Sr Dry Yrg*

ADGA 2010 National Show:
* Reserve Premier Breeder of Show *
* Nubian Premier Breeder & Premier Exhibitor *
* Owner of Nubian Premier Sire *
* 1st place Nubian Dairy Herd *
*1st place Best 3 Senior Does*
*1st and 2nd place Senior Get of Sire*
*1st place Dam & Daughter*
*1st place Produce of Dam*
* Drew was 1st pl in Jr Showmanship *
*1st place: Nubian Jr Kid (Prize)*
*1st pl Nubian 3 yr old (Moonlight)*
*2nd place: Nubian Jr Dry Yrg,
*2nd pl Nubian Milking Yrg (Gahanna),
*2nd pl Nubian 2 yr old (Always)*
*2nd pl Nubian 4 yr old (Atiana)*
~~established in 1986~~